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08 Jun 2017
If you are planning to buy synthetic urine to pass a drug test, you should know certain things before you buy.
Synthetic urine is actually safeguarding the life of many working professionals these days. If your organization conducts drug tests randomly, you can consider buying such urine. Particularly, this product will help you, if you cannot stop using marijuana. Also, your job will remain safe with this product. But, before you buy this product, you should remember certain things.
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Before you shop:
Before you shop for synthetic urine, you should make sure that a trusted supplier is selected. The reason is that you should not get faked by a fake product. Just evaluate the pack to find whether it has fundamental ingredients like urea, uric acid, creatinine to name a few. When you shop for a package, you will get the artificial urine in plastic bottles, there will also be a test strip and heating pad in this pack.
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How to use the product?
The thing you will have to remember is that the warmth of the product should go with the test requirements. So, initially, you will have to place the product in the microwave oven some seconds. Within just a few seconds, the warmth of the product should hit 90-100 degrees. Once this temperature is reached, you should take the product from the microwave.
The important thing to remember to get the right results is to uphold the warmth of the product between 97-98 degrees. The reason is that in the case of urine with higher or lower temperature, the lab might reject the sample.See more at


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